A Plight: Keyboards!

Laptop has been a companion for years now,

Working, recording or exploring; the device clasps my hand tight.

Being in the profession of writing, penning down thousands of words a day is a daily affair.

Amidst the deadlines, tasks, and working; my fingers rhythmically dance on a block of keys.

Yes, you guessed it right; the block of keys: ‘the keyboard’ gives me the freedom to fly.

Often the keyboard gets on back burners but never does it disappear from the working field.

I rarely think about the keys I tap on while buried in laptop tasks,

But soon I realized; there has to be an alternative alley for better drives.

I thought, typing swiftly and continually can tarnish the original keyboard of my beloved laptop,

So, switching to a random external keyboard was the perfect resort left with I.

Weeks passed, months sailed, and I worked with both the laptop & external keyboards.

It was the Last week only when an exciting dream I scaled.

A dream of jealousy between the laptop & external keyboard I use.

Indeed, there was a fulsome conversation between the former and latter.

Woke up from the dream in morning and pondered I, is that truly happening?

Have I been making a chafing between the keyboards I possess?

Perhaps, that is the reason sometimes my laptop ditches me and other the external keyboard follows the matching footsteps.

The way human beings boil up in jealousy; do these gadgets too have that plight?

Is this the real fact? or these two impish blocks are making me guilt-ridden?

Ah, whatever is the case; both the slices are mine!


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