Apple & Android: Which is the One for My Expeditions?

ios and android

I have always been a fan of gadgets. Being a visually challenged person, first priority for me is ‘accessibility’. I have been using IOS and Android both for quite some time now. I was a dedicated android user years back and then iPhone stepped in my life. It’s been more than a year that I own an iPhone.

Indeed, the latter is absolutely smooth when it comes to accessibility. It works like ‘knife on butter’. However, when it comes to expedition, it lacks the zeal and zest. With latest android updates, android platform has become really smooth too. It is even surpassing iPhone at different spots. Similarly, the app variety that I experience on Android is quite impressive than iPhone.

You know different people have different experiences with their phones. I feel it is a personal thing to be expressive about one’s views about one’s relations with phone. I am not criticizing any phone or platform here; I am just expressing my thoughts about these two platforms and their accessibility angle.

Currently I own iPhone 6 and Redmi Note 5. Both the phones are absolutely a delight to use. However, iPhone lacks when it comes to frivolousness. Both the phones work absolutely well in terms of accessibility but then accessibility is just one aspect of a gadget. Some applications are accessible on both the platforms but lately I was disappointed to know that two popular news applications were not at all accessible on my iPhone. TOI, I have always cherished its updates but it wasn’t impressive and accessible on iPhone, however, on my Android its working good. Apparently it is an app issue and I hope the authorities would take into consideration the need of accessibility in their apps.

Before I wrap up this quick note on my experience with these two platforms, I would love to clear that I am exploring these two platforms and so far it has been a wonderful experience. Voiceover and talkback; both are my dear companions for sure. Over the years, I have developed a habit of sharing my thoughts and sending personal mails and feedback to applications regarding their accessibility features. I feel the makers and developers should know more about us and they can do more in this aspect only by hearing from us. It’s good to be more open about my experiences as a person with vision impairment and share my thoughts that can make difference.


  1. Great post! – and incredibly practical too. As someone who is living with multiple chronic conditions, I am learning that my phone can be a friend in terms of self-care and certain apps. that can help me track my condition. It was great to hear someone else talk about this. Thank you! Harlon

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