Mom: A Bouquet of Blessings

Mom: A Bouquet of Blessings

Divya and Her Mom Standing

There is no better blessing than a MOM like you.

Throughout my life, you have been near to me.

I couldn’t have been able to accept my Vision Impairment any better in your absence.

 I wonder how hard would have been those days for you when you wrapped me in your arms,

Amidst the rush of hospitals, repeated medicines and injections;

You clasped me so close to your heart,

So close that the gloomy vibes of hospital and exhausting surgeries couldn’t hollow this cheery heart.

I thank dear Lord for bestowing me a blessing in shape of you,

An amazing MOM who has been an epitome of motivation for me all these years!

MOM, Your love has never fallen short for me,

And you never gave up on me; never!

Thank You for being a constant good example,

It always taught me values; I cherish so dear!

Happy Mother’s Day 2018!



  1. Mom is the best thing that can happen to anyone in this world. There is nothing that can match up to her unconditional love and care for her children! ❤️ Wonderful price of writing Divya! ☺️👌

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