An advertising Reverie……

An Advertising Reverie……
Ah, that was a million dollar dream.
A dream that spotted disabled people in the peak.
Come on, it wasn’t a dream of sympathies or pities,
It was a heroic reverie.
Where in this real world, the mainstream advertising media hardly consider PWDs as a constructive subject,
The dream revolved around the charisma of these beings.
A visually challenged girl, fluently working on a laptop,
The assistive technology equipping her in her fields,
And the advertisement was of a laptop that makes the routine a cake walk.
In another ad, a wheelchair bound man was advertising a cool summer tee,
He was playing basketball with that blue t-shirt on him.
Ah, that charm on his face, adroitness in his actions and the magnetism of that tee;
Anybody would love to have that cotton tee in his wardrobe pool!
Finally, how can I forget that gorgeous woman with her toes erect, expressions so alive and sharp moves?
This deaf personality was advertising the jewellery in her ears & necklace around her neck.
Who says people with disabilities cannot be centred in a mainstream advertisement?
The dream was supposed to last longer,
And a few more creative advertisements were to unfold,
But then this fellow of mine ‘Mobile’ rang the alarm at 5!
But, believe me, it was a dream;
The dream that I want the world to live!


  1. Hi Divya,

    Good to see you being able to blog when visually challenged. I have glaucoma and cataracts, so have some sight issues, but I am able to manage using glasses. Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

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