The Luxury of Pedestrians

Yesterday, I went to market with my parents. We were stuck in jam for one hour. We could cross a single kilometer in an hour. It was so tedious and irritating. While sitting in the car, I wondered how we are all stuck in jam for hours. Maybe we are in our luxurious cars but that is of no help here. On the other side, the pedestrians walked their ways with ease. They crossed the streak of cars and made their ways to their destinations.
Ah, it made me think how our luxury is no longer in our favor at times. If we would have been on foot, we might have crossed that patch of jam in just a few minutes. Walking is one thing that we all should do every day. It would not just strengthen our stamina but also boost our health too. And not to miss, jams would no longer be the pesky scenarios. It is time we embrace the path of pedestrians and enjoy both the wealth of time and health. Maybe, not all the times but sometimes we can take the path of pedestrians, can’t we?


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