Your Mind is the Ruler

Divya standing with her back towards readers. She is looking at the sea.
Experiencing the constant conflicts in my mind,
I realize my mind is controlling my actions.
My knowledge, skills, experiences, abilities; everything stands useless,
When my mind takes the charge.
Earning money, or paving a path to glory seems to be easy,
In front of controlling your mind.
Reading books or listening to motivational talks won’t work,
If your mind is in the control, and you are the follower.
Realising that you are different than your mind is difficult,
But to try to rule your mind is even more challenging.
The sooner you control your mind,
the faster you can be more peaceful in your life.
So, do you rule your mind, or the Latter rules you?
what do you do to tame your mind?
Let us discuss in the comment zone!

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