This year, I tried many things, and they worked. A few of the most exciting things I did were:

  • I did rock/wall climbing. It was my first attempt and I did it in less than 1 minute and 3 seconds!
  • Uploaded many workout videos related to karate, weight lifting & cardio on Instagram to promote fitness in the disability sector. (Your vision impairment or any other disability should not limit your fitness). Even 30 minutes of cardio or any physical activity can do the trick for a healthier you!
  • Visited many websites and mailed them to make their software and tools accessible. (I am a full-time freelance writer and research hundreds of websites daily. Hence, I experience inaccessibility on many platforms. So, I do my part by informing them about inaccessibility).
  • Explored different profiles on Instagram and wrote to them to add ALT text to their image content to ensure accessibility for visually impaired people.
  • Interacted with people at corporate & personal levels to sensitize them about disabilities.
  • Finally, continued my show ‘Vocabulary Dose’ on Radio Udaan with nearly 51 episodes this year. This is a show for enhancing the English vocabulary of persons with disability and in general. ( I have been working as an RJ & Content Manager of Radio Udaan since 2014. Have done 3 shows Inspirational Wings, Mystery of 26 and Vocabulary Dose till now. More than 800 episodes of all these shows). The best thing someone told me this year was: They record my show Vocabulary Dose for their English class!

Maybe these things didn’t fetch me any earnings, sales, or revenues: but a sense of achievement. I feel good when I find a new accessible feature unfolding on Instagram. I feel good when a wheelchair user tells me he started an upper body workout after seeing my videos on Instagram. It gave me immense pleasure when my blind friend told me that she too wants to work on her fitness and she has bought a treadmill to stay fit. These are the things that give real happiness.


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