Karate: Beyond Disability!

I always wanted to learn karate but never got a chance to do so. But two years ago, I got to know about a coach near my town. My purpose behind learning karate is to become physically strong. Moreover, so far I have attained yellow, orange, green and blue belts in Karate. My aim is to attain a black belt.  It would take some time to get it but I am adamant about it. I also want to teach visually challenged girls and boy’s karate for free once I myself become a professional at it.  Though my eye doctor has shown a red flag to my Karate deeds, I can’t give up on Karate. But yes I do take all the precautions I can. Of course, the path is quite hard and challenging but I know I will do it!

Every New Kick makes my Day!

Every time I learn a new kick, it makes my day. No matter how hard it may be new moves, kicks, punches, and movements actually make your day delightful. The pleasure of going to class early morning by running about one and a half kilometre for class and then return the same distance with a white cane is inexplicable. It is something that doubles my passion. My days begin with heavy karate workouts!

The Blurry Surroundings

No matter how blurry surroundings are, Karate always leaves me in the middle of passion and zeal. Maybe I cannot recognize faces, maybe I cannot measure the gap but what I can do right is; I can practice my skill to perfection. I do karate with sheer enthusiasm and it is something that backs me through the dark days too. It gets difficult to tell that you cannot make out how far the person is standing or from where someone is attacking, but if you have the confidence and skills, you get that spur from within. I am glad that I have the will to go on and on and stretch my boundaries beyond I initially expected.

My self-quote that goes perfectly with my Deep-rooted love for Karate is:

“Never belittle yourself for anyone because you have to be your own hero before you become one for others.”  ‪#‎Divyavisionquotes